Some of the projects carried out for the company Eelerwoude BV.

Beleef de Twentse Waterlopen (9 MB)

profielenboekje-11This booklet is about experiencing the Twentse (a region in The Netherlands) watercourses. It contains example profiles and reference images on how to design a new watercourse. Because of the special bind (not to see in the PDF-file) it becomes possible to combine several designs.



Buurtschap ’t Kiekeboslaantje (19 MB)


The hamlet ’t Kiekeboslaantje contains a layout for a farmer who wants to transform his agricultural lands to a valuable new neighbourhood.





Het Jaagpad Lemelerveld (9 MB)


This winning design for the competition ‘Detour Lemelerveld’ contains a layout for a path along the Overijssels Kanaal (a canal crossing the province of Overijssel).





Inrichtingsplan Westerman (14MB)

westerman-18Design for the Westerman family to demolish old stables and create new housing instead.





Ivoor Programma Bebouwing (2 MB)


Design for the location Raarhoeksweg in the province of Raalte.






Landschapsverbetering Ruitenveen (9 MB)


Landscape analysis, target images and project proposals for the valuable area Ruitenveen close to Nieuwleusen.





Scenariostudie De Wamberg (part 1) (26 MB)

1_pdfsam_wamberg-18Scenario study regarding the conservation of the rural estate De Wamberg for future generations. This first part contains amongst others a policy and project analysis.




Scenariostudie De Wamberg (part 2) (22 MB)


This second part contains amongst others the trends, developments in the surrounding area, the scenarios themselves and a multicriteria analysis including a recommendations and the development of a future strategy.





Scenariostudie De Wamberg (appendix) (14 MB)


Appendix to the scenario study. It contains amongst others a vision and a financial feasibility analysis.